Free Webinar Every Thursday 7:00pm Est (less than 45 mins.)

You are in a LIVE webinar with several other students while  in the privacy of your home.  We will cover "The Fair Credit Report Act and How To Read A Credit Report." We provide the support, coaching and guidance  you will need to actually restore your own credit. The webinar is interactive so please participate and ask questions.  Just sign up and you will receive an email with all the materials and instructions you will need.  


Pre-Written letters

This is a easy downloadable do-it-yourself eBook of letters that will help you restore your credit. All you have to do is insert your negative trade lines that you would like to dispute.  It is just that simple. Note: We  recommend attending the webinar to build confidence and ensure a quick start to improving your credit.


 Mentorship Program

If you need a little more help, you can sign up for our Mentorship Program. This program  requires you still do all the work to restore your credit, but you will receive One-On-One unlimited support and coaching as needed for 6 months.

You can reach us anytime by sending us your questions on the Contact Us  page and we will respond within 24 hours or less.

Life Restoration Programs

2nd Chance Credit will be with you every step of the way!!

* Restriction apply. You must follow the instruction completely or it will void the  guarantee. There is a non refundable set up/processing fee of $100.00 

  2nd Chance Credit

"Credit Restoration Made Simple" 

Our Commitment To You

At 2nd Chance Credit, we believe talk is cheap but a good credit score is priceless! We want to make sure you are pleased with our services and your results. If you follow the Mentorship program and do not see any improvements in your credit after 120 days we will refund your money. 100% Guaranteed!!!!*


  "Free" Webinar Program (DIY)

Every Thursday Night  7:00 pm Est.

Pre- Written Letters - $199.00

   Mentorship Program - $399.00 *

Month to Month- $89.00​​