Letter of Request

2nd Chance Credit will show you what reason code you need to write down to challenge the negative information !!!

Letter of Response


 In the next two letters you will see items get deleted on the 2nd Round (Bank of America) that were not successful on the 1st round. You have to be patient.  

clients name and  address

clients name and  address

We show you these examples as proof that individuals can successfully restore their credit. All these clients had credit scores less than 600 when we started working with them. When finished, they were over 700!! If you follow our proven program, you will see improvements.* Just remember, if you have patience and diligence during the entire process..........

Account Numbers

clients name and  address

Here are some results of actual clients using the "Mentorship Program"


The client followed our easy instructions and submitted the "Letter of Request" 

 See results of the1st round in the "Response Letter" from the credit agency

Account Numbers


Letter of Response #2

Letter of Response #1

Sometimes you only get one item removed on the 1st round, but you must be persistent!! 


Only one item was deleted on the 1st round, but 2 more came off on the second round

2. "Letter of Response" from the credit agency (Transunion)...... Just over 30 days!! 

 2nd Chance Credit

"Credit Restoration Made Simple" 

5 out of 9 items deleted in the 1st round!!

clients name and  address

clients name and  address

Account Numbers

Account Numbers

Continue example #3..Less than 30 days!!

Client Name, Security #, and Address

Continue example #2 (2nd round same client)

*Results will vary based on your overall credit condition.